Question & Answers

What is Wayward?
We are all dedicated, avid casual+ gamers. We require maturity and respectful interactions. Racism and intolerances are never tolerated. We poke fun at each other, have fun, and genuinely enjoy hanging around each other. We tend to pick a few games and stay with them for the long term. We are not fair-weather gamers whose game allegiances switch on a dime.
Is there an age requirement?
We look for mature and respectful players generally 18+ and don’t restrict our vocabulary to adjust for children.
Is Discord required?
Discord is required to be downloaded and to have our channel added. Talking isn’t required, however, we announce most of our big-ticket items in specific games on discord. During wide-scale group events, being in a voice channel will be required, but again, you won’t be required to talk.
Is there a Steam group?
There is and we encourge all our members to join, simply go to: to join.
What kind of games do you guys play?
Mainly MMOs & Survival games, but we’ve been known to reach into other games, Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Eve, Guild Wars 1 & 2, BDO, Ark and Last Oasis and several co-op games. Basically any game we can play together, we try to do so.
Do you plan to add more games in the future?
Absolutely! We plan on playing a plethora of games in the future. Chances are if you play it, someone else does as well.
How do I become a member?
Simple join our Discord and say hello. All member set their own gaming interests in the #wayward channel. Simply click the emote for the game you are interested in and you are automaticly added to that games channels.


When you first join our discord you will have limited access, please read the brief intro page. While there you self assign your permissions by clicking on the emotes for games that interest you, which will open additional channels for that specific game.

Check out #wayward for an up to date listing of community rules & gaming permissions.