Region: NA | Faction: Horde | Realm: Dragonmaw | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Adult 18+

Do you thirst for adventure with your buddies? Exploring new territories, crafting new gear, fighting over a castle and polishing off the day with a beer? We’re recruiting and looking for members like you!

We have no restrictions and encourage our members to play the game how you want! Reach out to us ingame or join our discord to get on board. We describe ourselves as a casual, fun running, social guild that offers a ton of fun. Being welcoming and having fun is our priority. If you need help with anything, all you have to do it ask.

We are a dedicated group of North American, veteran gamers looking forward to Shadowlands. We will be actively raiding, running Mythic+ groups, and fun side guild events. Being eligible for raiding/Mythics is based on item level and the ability to listen to discord.

We strongly believe that our members should have the freedom and fun in the way that they want to, with all of the benefits of belonging to a strong community. We thrive on community and do our best to help everyone gear up, reach goals, get achievements, and more! Activity level in the guild is up to you! If you want to join in once a month or every day that is alright with us. There are no requirements for activity or attendance.

We welcome all races, genders, and beliefs who also have a sense of humour and enjoy focused but mindless banter.